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Following up your personal interests in language(s)

Following up your personal interests in language(s)

You may have come to Cambridge with a language skill you simply do not wish to lose, for personal reasons or enjoyment, or perhaps there is a language that you have always wanted to study. Perhaps you have a "heritage language" spoken by members of your family that you wish to develop or improve, or maybe you want to travel to a particular part of the world where you would like to be able to speak the language. Whatever your reasons, we are keen to offer as many avenues as possible for enjoying your language.

Plan ahead and consider our CULP taught course options early. These are delivered in three formats across the year: a standard course for two terms, an eight week course for more intensive study during Easter term, and a three-week daily summer course at the start of the long vacation. Course level descriptors will help you with your Language Passport (see below).

If you need a quick chat about the options available to you generally, drop in to the Language Centre reception area and talk to a member of our Advising team.

If you are considering self-study, explore the John Trim Centre resources and book an appointment to discuss what you might do and how you might shape your studies to meet your personal interests and aims. There are over 160 languages to choose from.

If you are seeking to maintain regular speaking practice of a language that you have been learning for some time, consider our Conversation Exchange Scheme. We can look for a native speaker partner for you to meet for regular conversation practice. If you are an advanced learner of English, French, German or Spanish we also run weekly Conversation Hours. Email enquiries@langcen.cam.ac.uk to find out more.

Consider taking a language course abroad. Our Language Adviser collects information and reviews on short intensive courses. Some course providers on our lists include work experience opportunities as part of their package. Arrange an appointment to find out more.

Explore the different channels of financial support open to you: through College, your Department, international bursaries etc. The Student Registry database can help with further information on funding opportunities in the University.
If you are a scientist, remember the Language Centre's Pressland Bursary scheme for intensive language study abroad over the long vacation.

Be proud of your interest in such a worthwhile subject and compile a Languages Passport to chart your progress! You never know when it may prove useful!