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The Language Center

About Us

The Center supports the teaching and learning of languages throughout IAIN Manado. It does so flexibly in accordance with the needs of its users.

The Language Center is an Institutional Unit within the Institut Agama Islam Negeri (IAIN) Manado.

Mission statement

The mission of the Language Center is to:

Increase multilingualism among students and staff of IAIN Manado; promoting, encouraging and supporting the learning of languages for personal, academic and professional purposes to enrich trans-disciplinary and multiculturalism within and without the Institut.

To achieve our mission, the Language Center aims to:
  • Ensure access to outstanding language teaching and support for language learning for all current members of IAIN Manado
  • Support the highest levels of academic achievement by students
  • Exploit the latest technologies and pedagogues to develop bespoke language teaching and learning materials, for use across IAIN Manado
  • Foster learner autonomy in language learners, whether studying independently and/or attending courses within IAIN Manado
  • Provide bespoke professional advisory services to support individual language learners
  • Provide high quality learning resources in multiple media, both physical and virtual, in a wide range of languages
  • Collaborate and share expertise with other language learning providers within IAIN Manado and in other organization nationally and internationally
  • Promote language learning and access to IAIN Manado language study to students in schools and madrasah